Professional organiser and declutterer based in South West London.

There are many reasons for decluttering or reorganising – some are emotional, some are simply practical. Either way the process can be a daunting one. As a professional organiser I provide the support, motivation and guidance you need to achieve the results you want. Working with you to organise your space in a way that works best for you and enables you to relax and enjoy the time you spend in your home.

About me

My name’s Nicky. I live in South West London with my partner and totally spoilt mini schnauzer, Dixie.

I have always been an organiser, both at work and at home. After a successful career in the design industry, I felt I wanted a change but one which would utilise the project managing skills I had learned and which would enable me to put my passion for helping people and delivering results into practice. So began my journey as The Finicky Friend.

I’m a friendly face, hard working, discreet, patient and trustworthy. There is no ‘off the shelf’ or ‘one size fits all’ method. Everyone has their own individual issues, ideas, likes and dislikes and I will tailor the way we work together accordingly. I’m here to help you achieve your goals in a way that is most effective and least stressful for you.

I am a registered member of APDO (the national Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers) and abide by its Code of Ethics. I hold Professional Indemnity & Liability Insurance and am registered with the ICO. 


It is not about being minimalist, it’s about:


Giving you peace of mind

Being surrounded by clutter can cause issues for both your mental health and your physical wellbeing. We will work together to reduce the stress and create an environment that is practical, safe and calm.


Gaining back control

By giving each room a real purpose, removing items that are no longer of use and giving what remains a place, you’ll not only save time by not having to search for items but you’ll also save money as you won’t be duplicate buying items that you couldn’t find or had forgotten you already had.


Everyone has a different ‘to-do-list’ but below are just a few of the services I offer. If there is something you need doing that isn’t featured below, please contact me and I’ll see if it’s something I can help with or if not I might be able to suggest someone who would be more suitable to the task.


Whether it’s a wardrobe, a room or even a whole property that ‘just needs sorting out’, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. I can offer practical advice, motivation and guidance to tackle particular issues; helping you through the decision making process to reduce clutter and ultimately creating a space and home that works best for you.


Don’t let the lock down stop you getting organised! Infact making sure your home works best for you has never been more important. We can work very effectively together via Skype, Facetime, phone or email. I may not be in your home but I can still give you the advice, support, motivation and accountability you need to get your jobs done.


I provide ‘hands-on’ help, working with you in your home at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Together we will work to reduce the overwhelm and create a safe and healthy environment in which you can live. Encouraging you to make decisions that will improve your physical and mental health and supporting you to establish sustainable positive behaviour change.


Paperwork can soon pile up and become overwhelming. Together we can sort through and make sense of those piles. Deciding what needs to be kept and creating a storage system that is easy to maintain and that ensures you know exactly where those important pieces of paper can be found.


Moving house is an ideal time to sort through your possessions and declutter items that will be of no use in your new home. Organising items into their relevant category also makes the packing and unpacking process much more efficient meaning you will be able to settle into your new home that much faster.


Undertaking home decorations or renovations can be a daunting task. With an eye for detail, relevant experience and a creative background, I can help. Offering advice, helping source the relevant trades, materials and suppliers and co-ordinating the whole project if required making the whole process as stress free for you as possible.

Contact me to arrange a free consultation without obligation.

Every job is different, so our initial conversation will enable us to discuss your needs and outline a plan towards achieving your goals.

t:  07841 583 224

My Prices

My initial consultation (max of an hour) is FREE! This applies to both onsite and virtual consultations.

Onsite Sessions

Hourly rate – £45 (minimum 3 hour booking).
Working hours will be calculated from the time I arrive at your home or premises until the time I leave, excluding any breaks.

Virtual Sessions

Hourly rate – £35.
The cost will be calculated by the actual time spent talking on the call. I do not charge VAT.


I will email you an invoice soon after a one off session or at the end of the month if a number of sessions have been undertaken within that period.

Payment can be made by bank transfer (details of which can be found on the invoice) and invoices must be paid within 7 days of receipt.

I reserve the right to increase or discount my rates at any time (existing customers will be notified of any change before future sessions are booked should these rate changes effect them).


There will be no hidden costs. Any costs/expenses such as services or items bought on your behalf will be with your prior agreement only and will be added to your invoice. A receipt will be submitted for your records.


Sometimes stuff just happens. Please try to give at least 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule or cancel a session. I reserve the right to charge in full for the agreed time allocated to a session should you cancel on the actual day unless there are exceptional, unavoidable circumstances.

What my clients say


Nicky’s management of the clearance of my mum’s house took away an enormous amount of stress at a difficult time in my life. She is empathetic, trustworthy, meticulous and keeps you up-to-date at every step. And everything she does, she does with real passion.

Cathy, Ealing


When we finally decided to de-clutter our parents house in North London, Nicky helped us with her ‘can-do’ attitude. She got us organised and provided the extra hands and support we needed.

D&R, Northwood


In over a year of helping me with my mother’s estate I have found Nicky to be compassionate and patient. She understands that some subjects, (sets of) objects and actions are hard to deal with and continually acts with tact and delicacy. At times I have found areas of our work together difficult to discuss, but she always communicates clearly to clarify the situation. I happily continue to work with her.

Miss R. Kingston


Nicky brought some quiet and efficient calm to the muddle that was my paperwork.

Jill, Chiswick


Nicky helped me organise the redecoration of my flat. She sourced paint samples, researched furniture and fittings and had some great ideas too. I’m thrilled with the result.

Mr S. Brentford


Nicky is incredibly diligent and committed; she is also very sensitive to the particularities of her client. She has a fantastic memory which is so useful when you have managed to collect a huge and varied amount of paraphenalia over the years. She is quietly persuasive, helping you to understand the benefit of ‘letting go’ of items that are taking up space but not adding to the quality of your life. I recommend her highly’.

Mrs M Chiswick


I was delighted when Nicky came into my life  in March 2019.  I responded to her on line because I needed help decluttering; everything was easy from the first time I spoke to her.

Nicky has throughout this year been reliable, conscientious, kind and helpful.  Nicky is a delight and works hard to maximize the time we are together; she is confident to suggest ideas to me but also listens to any preferences I might have.

It is a pleasure to write that my life has been improved by her help in the home not only for her professionalism but also for the lovely young woman that she is.

Maggie, Chiswick

Contact me

Contact me now to arrange your free consultation, and let’s agree how best to get those jobs done.

t:  07841 583 224

Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers
APDO Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers represents the UK decluttering and organising industry.

Completed the Hoarding Awareness for Professional Practitioners training course to Level 3.
ICO registered.
Covered by Professional Indemnity & Liability insurance