Terms and Conditions

Confidentiality and Privacy

The Finicky Friend offers a fully confidential service. Anything discussed, or information seen will not be disclosed to any third party without your approval. If you are kind enough to give a testimonial it will be used only with your prior written consent.

The only personal information kept is your name, address (where applicable), telephone number and email. These will be used purely to enable me to carry out the work for you and will not be disclosed to any third party without your express permission. Nor will they be used for any future marketing purposes.


All advice given by The Finicky Friend is given in good faith. I cannot accept responsibility for any subsequent decisions taken by you either during or after a session.

Working practices

It is important that you disclose any health or environmental issues that may need to be considered before a job can be undertaken.

On site sessions. I am happy to undertake some light cleaning to assist the decluttering and reorganising process, but please note that I do not provide a full cleaning service.

I cannot move or lift very large items of furniture for Health and Safety reasons unless I have appropriate help to avoid injury.

If access to your home or premises is restricted or unsafe and this has not been disclosed in the initial consultation, I reserve the right to charge for lost time and expenses incurred.

All items removed from your premises or disposed of will be with your agreement and at your discretion. You are responsible for all items disposed of in the decluttering process. 

Other suppliers and services

I am happy to make suggestions on the use of additional services such as auctioneers, builders or handymen and can help to arrange these services. However I will not be held liable if their performance falls below an acceptable standard nor for any loss or damage caused by any supplier, its employees or agents.

Suppliers’ charges are payable by you directly.

Fees and charges

  • Free initial consultation, for up to 1 hour
  • On site £45 per hour (minimum 3 hour booking).
    Working hours will be calculated from the time I arrive at your home or premises until the time I leave, excluding any breaks.
  • Virtual – £35 per hour.
    The cost will be calculated by the actual time spent talking on the call.

I do not charge VAT.


I will email you an invoice soon after a one off session or at the end of the month if a number of sessions have been undertaken within that period.

Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer (details of which can be found on the invoice) and invoices must be paid within 7 days of receipt.

I reserve the right to increase or discount my rates at any time (existing customers will be notified of any change before future sessions are booked should these rate changes effect them).

Costs and expenses

There will be no hidden costs. Any costs/expenses such as services or items bought on your behalf will be with your prior agreement only and will be added to your invoice. A receipt will be submitted for your records.


At least 48 hours notice should be given if you need to reschedule or cancel a session. I reserve the right to charge in full for the agreed time allocated to a session should you cancel on the actual day unless there are exceptional, unavoidable circumstances.


The Finicky Friend is covered by Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance to a value of £1 million.